Local History, Local Water

Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society

Eric Warren's pictorial history of Eagle Rock

LA Creek Freak

My favorite natural history of this region is available online: Historical ecology of the San Gabriel River and Floodplain

A Plant list for Northeast Los Angeles

Tim Brick's water history focussing on the Pasadena area, Flowing Waters, Fruitful Valley

Subscribe to local water: from the Arroyo Seco watershed (filtered and bottled)!

A bike highway used to connect downtown LA and Pasadena via the Arroyo Seco. Read more at:

California Cycleways

Cycleway Coffee shop

Articles I wrote on LA Creek Freak:

Pilgrimage to Sierra Snow Melt

A Small Red "Y": The archeology of Eagle Rock Creek

Cromwell Galpin and the Willows: Eagle Rock in the Rainy Season

The North Branch of the Arroyo Seco

The San Gabriel Artesian Belt: Part I

The San Gabriel Artesian Belt: Part II: Grading and Draining: The Transformation of the Shorb Ranch


An Atlas of Radical Cartography edited by Lize Mogel and Alex Bhaghat

Water, CA, edited by Nicole Antebi and Enid Baxter Blader

Introduction to Water, CA

Bia Gayotto's The Sea is not Blue and Xing LA: From Altadena to Long Beach