Thank you to all the North East Los Angeles old timers who shared their memories with me, and especially Eric Warren of the Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society for guiding my research, sharing discoveries, and offering encouragement. Tim Brick's exhibition "Flowing Waters, Fruitful Valley" opened my eyes to the pre-aqueduct history of water in Los Angeles. Jessica Hall's work mapping historical water courses throughout the entire LA metropolitan area, and doing important research on the North Fork of the Arroyo Seco was inspirational. She generously shared with me her own sources and contacts. Ann Dove, Powell Greenland, and Michael Hart were also incredibly generous. Nicole Antebi suggested formatting my research in the form of a bike tour. Liz and Shay of C.I.C.L.E. expertly organized the route for the first group bike ride in 2008. May others continue to add to this story, which I've only just scratched the surface of...

A complete bibliography will be published in the upcoming volume, Water, CA , edited by Nicole Antebi and Enid Baxter Blader.

Fairchild Collection at Whittier College
Geoscience Support Services
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Eagle Rock Historical Society
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LA DWP Archives
Los Angeles Public Library

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Lupe, manager of Eagle Rock Springs Mobile Home Community in 2007
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