Let us turn back to the travels of the Archduke of Austria, Ludwig Louis Salvator in 1876, who after crossing over a low saddle of hills from Eagle Rock Canyon, found himself at the Aguaje del Garvanza: "This contains a small ranch with pastures, wooden houses with porches, and sheep-corrals. Nearby a spring flows."

Only several years after the Archduke's visit, the Garvanza Spring would be supplying a new reservoir. Though reservoirs were an established way to maintain a year round water supply from existing springs, this was a step down for Garvanza residents:

"One of Garvanza's former proud boasts was that of the excellent quality of the water, which came directly from the arroyo springs into the service pipes. Of late, since citizens have had to depend on the reservoir supply there has been much complaint. The city authorities have decided to roof the reservoir, and it is hoped the water will thus be kept fine."

This reservoir is the oldest in Los Angeles, and still in use. The low lands near the reservoir are the site of Luther Burbank Middle School and Garvanza Elementary School.