North of Meridian Street in Highland Park still exist the tiny streets named after Weaver and Botsford.
Yosemite Waters in 2006.
Yosemite Waters in 2006.


For a brief moment before the turn of the last century, "Poland Rock" water was said to originate from an Eagle Rock tunnel.

"Some months ago, H.B. Botsford of Eagle Rock Valley discovered a spring of pure water on his place. To get back of all alien ingredients and reach the water in its purest state he drove a tunnel into the rock 350 feet, and thus got at the fountain head where the water comes from the strata of clean granite rock... It is no marvel that Poland Rock water is fast becoming popular in Los Angeles."(Los Angeles Times, September 7, 1890)

Eventually, the property was sold to W.C. Weaver, who renamed it "Glenn Rock Spring." By 1902, the spring apparently ceased production, for Weaver had subdivided the land, and the tract became "Glen Rock Villa."


The Yosemite Waters brand is shipped throughout our region, but hardly known in our own neighborhood. The water still originates from an artesian well near the banks of the Arroyo Seco, on a parcel of land named "Spring Tract." There were once multiple springs nearby, but these have since been capped. In 2006, when I last visited, I was told that an overflow of 3 gallons/minute drains into the Arroyo Seco channel.