Alma Primitiva/Naive Soul: a palm chair: Collaboration with Miguel Holek, 2010. For the show Performing Public Space, curated by Owen Driggs, Al and Luis of the Casa del Túnel introduced me to Miguel Holek. Miguel Holek is a woodcarver who lives in the Colonia Federal just blocks from the Casa del Túnel. His studio is full of finely made abstract and figurative wood sculptures. He also paints.

Miguel carved this chair using a chisel and power tools. He told everyone that I was the artist and he was the "assistant." As neighbors and artists stopped by during the day, anyone who was bilingual became an informal interpreter, as I don't speak much Spanish. We especially benefited from the interpretive skills of filmmmaker Ann Kaneko. Tony Cruz, neighbor, attorney, and artist, collected the palm shavings to use as mulch.

I had wished to replicate aspects of the ergonomics of a Sam Maloof chair which I'd sat in several weeks before, however the petite size of this particular stump limited the resemblance. I asked Miguel to keep the chisel marks on the chair, which make it more decorative. Miguel considers this chair "naive".

However, thanks to Miguel's patience, this is one of the most beautifully carved of the Comfy City chairs.

Also, thank you to Owen Driggs, Ann Kaneko, Al Nodal, Luis Ituarte, Gerda Govine, Guy, and Franco Mendez Calvillo. Thanks to Tony Cruz and Ann Kaneko for sharing their pictures with me.