Jane Tsong, M. L. A. 2015 Cal Poly Pomona, M. F. A. 2000 UCLA, is an environmental artist and designer.

Her innovative public artworks in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Reseda bridge landscape, art, and quotidian life. Her proposals for radical public gardens, each growing out of extensive research into local cultural history, have been finalists for public art commissions in Astoria, Oregon and the City of Ventura.

She occasionally contributes to the blogs, LA Creek Freak and Bipediality.


What can artists and designers do about climate change?

I loved organizing a conversation on art and science for the panel Can Artists Heal Nature in Los Angeles? as part of SOC(i)AL: Art + People. The conversation was previewed on KCET's ArtBound and continued to grow at Final Fridays at Montalvo

When They Were Wild, the exhibit I designed for The Huntington Botanical Gardens, was reviewed in Eagle Rock Patch and KCET's Artbound

Domus publishes images of WaterLAB, a project for the Steven Kanner Education Center at the Architecture and Design Museum, by Leigh Jerrard and Jane Tsong

Opening night at A+D, and Adventures in collecting water in preparation for WaterLAB, a project for the Steven Kanner Education Center at the Architecture and Design Museum, by Leigh Jerrard and Jane Tsong

Public Art 4Culture reports on the installation of the water blessings at Brightwater

Brightwater at the AIA Seattle Design Festival

Public Art 4Culture: Brightwater Art & Utility

These photos on Mithun's website beautifully convey the essence of this large scale engineering project

Circle of Blue reports on Brightwater

Owen Driggs capsule and photos from Performing Public Space at the Casa del Tunel in Tijuana, 2010

Planting poppies on York Boulevard, in the beautiful trailer for the Miroslav Mandic film about Johnny Appleseed, Searching for Johnny , which has shown at film festivals in Sarajevo and Athens

Exploration of the management of public space through the medium of poppies.... atobcommute.blogspot.com

Martin Patrick, "Performative tactics and the choreographic reinvention of public space" in Art & the Public Sphere, 2011.

90042 mentions Creek Freak and my research into the streams of Northeast Los Angeles, 2010

Jocelyn Chui reports on my visit to Colin Lingle's communications class at University of Washington, 2009

Peter Frank ties together street art and high art, but seems a bit puzzled nonetheless, in Angeleno Interiors, Fall 2008.

Margaret Arnold, the Arroyo Seco Journal, July 2008.

Linda Immediato, Angeleno, January 2009.

Michele Roohani records a planting in the Shakespeare garden during her visit to the Huntington, 2008

I'm one of the first 150 artists represented online on Artasiamerica, a historical archive curated by the Asian American Arts Centre in NYC

Greensward Civitas, an excellent blog on urban planning issues by L Barlow, 2009

My map of LA water cycle is discussed by Doug Hennings of Behind the News and Lize Mogel on WBAI January 10 2008 (starts midway through the clip)

Farmlab Salon with Jane Tsong and curator Donna Conwell, 2008

LA Times article on The Rock as Art, 2004

Participating in Mandarina Duck's show was a lot of fun, 2000.